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It's been a while, how is everyone?? 
Personally, I'm at that point of life where I have to make adult decisions for example, about my future and whatnot but that will be explained after my life update. 
Life isn't too bad I guess, I mean a lot of good and bad things have happened. I'm getting As in my A levels (Coursework and mock wise) and I've just finished my real exams so I'm free to do the heck I like! Gaming, drawing, reading, taking up bass guitar again, sorting out my life and all that jazz! XD
I also now have a child, her name is Leora. She has feathers, a beak and is unbelievably small.
Oh. And she is Budgie if you didn't get it. Blue Budgie 
I love her so much! She's seriously tiny because she is a baby birdy boo who is precious and I will protect her at all costs because she is so adorable! Even tho I haven't tame her yet and she is so fussy and sassy. She puts her nose up whenever we put our hands near her, she's li
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The daughter of Byakuya and Toko
Here's a work of digital art and oh boi do I suck at it XD

Oh well I decided to draw my Danganronpa OC Mindi Togami dressed in her sleep cloths

Also I messed up on the actual drawing oops

An heiress that's short in height but has a gaze cold enough to freeze over desert is what Mindi Bayanna Togami is. She's known for her cold personality and being distant from others.

Mindi is a SHSL game designer and the only time she feels somewhat alive is when she's creating video games, its a way for her to escape from the world that excepts her act like the snooty heiress that she's suppose to be. Its her only time to stop acting like a jerk to others because thats what the world expects from her. A small smile will cross her pale lips as she works and the world will seem to leave her alone.
I haven't been posting since since Ive just been goofing off in my sketchbook but in getting my graphics monitor today so I'll start doing digital art XD

Thats also another reason why I haven't been doing actual finish works because I wanted to save my ideas for when I get my tablet ^.^

However I am very active on both my Instagram accounts so if you want to check them out go ahead

_azziran_arts_      is my main account and I tend to keep things more on the serious side ^.^

mindi_togami      Is my Danganronpa account and the account I'm most active on XD I only post my danganronpa art on there though
Mystery dungeon Jameson?
Idek why but I was playing Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of sky (probably because I was pissed off at persona 5) and I was playing as a vulpix named Mindi and my partner was meowth and the team name was team rocket XD

Then I was drawing in my sketchbook and decided to make a vulpix version of Mindi-Jameson and omg she's actually kind of cute XD

I mean I hate most of my sketchbook crap but whatever I hope you guys like it
Trainer Jameson
Here is my cinnamon roll child Mindi-Jameson or just Jameson as every seems to call her now a days XD

Jameson is the daughter of Jessie and James and has a twin brother names Jackson (Mindi the younger twin) and here are some random facta about her because I've already written her bio like 100 times on this account

- Jameson may seem dumb and useless like her dad (I'm sorry James you're still my favorite character XD) but she's actual pretty smart and knows how to both build and hack computers. Her hacking skills have allowed her to gain information that normal people aren't allowed to get their hands on

- Jameson is technically a run away. When she was 14 she left on her Pokemon journey however she never told anyone that she was going on a journey because she was to scared to ask anyone if she could go off since she was scared of being told no. Jameson has always been pretty weak and sickly and she wanted to go on a journey in an attempt to become stronger however due to her being weak and sickly she probably would of been told.

- Jameson owns a total of 16 Pokemon excluding Meowth who only followed her because he was worried about her and said she needed someone "responsible" around. All of Mindi's Pokemon except one where either given to her or decided to follow her along on her journey because she doesn't believe its right to catch a Pokemon unless the Pokemon wants to come along with you.

- Jameson is known for her kindness and even though it takes a hell of lot to piss her off she's not someone you want to be around when she's angry. When she's angry the atmosphere gets very tense and she'll probably death glare you. She'll probably go off on you after a few minutes though
Zangoose (Pokemon)
I decided I wanted to draw the Pokemon Zangoose because I decided to give my Pokemon OC Jameson one ^.^

Jameson's Zangoose is named Slasher and is known for having a bit of an attitude problem ^.^"

The two met during a nigh of a full moon because Slasher decided to attack Jameson because he saw her as an intruder, Jameson was luckily saved by Growlie her growlithe.

Well that's all I'm going to say about Slasher at the moment, you'll get to hear more about him later ^.^

Side note-

Anyone else hyped for Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon? I'm gonna get both (like I do for all Pokemon games XD) but I'm probably gonna be loyal to sun this time
Mindi Togami (Danganronpa next gen)
Name: Mindi Bayanna Togami

Age: 15

Talent: SHSL Game design

Birthday: April 12th

Byakuya Togami (Father)

Toko Fukawa\ Togami (mother)

Kichiro Togami (older brother

Masa Togami (older brother)

Akio Togami (older brother)

Personality Traits:

-calm and collective

- Quite

- Introvert

- cold hearted

- uncaring

Story before the killing game:

Due to her being born five months early Mindi has always been pretty small for her age. She never grew any taller than four foot eight and this was the cause of a lot bullying from her classmates. She became pretty cold and distant from people outside of her parents due this and tends to only feel comfortable around them.

Mindi only became a game designer in order to prove herself to her art teacher. Her art teacher would always fail her artwork because Mindi enjoyed surrealism rather than photo realism so she decided to make her first indie horror game called "The Raven's Rose" which was a game about a girl battling her own delusions that only got worse has she slipped further and further into insanity, The game became a hit due to its stylized graphics and story line. Soon Mindi began making more games because she had finally found her passion.
I've been dead but I'll be back soon :D
Mindi Bayanna Togami (Danganronpa next gen)
Here's my loving *cough* bitchy *cough* OC Mindi Bayanna Togami a super high school level game designer who just so happens to be youngest child and only daughter born to Byakuya and Toko.

Mindi is known for acting as if she's better than everyone and can tend to act self centered, however she only acts this way because she's always picked on about her short height (she's 4'8) and she needed a way to seem less hurt about the bullying so she became a cold hearted jerk who treats everyone as if their nothing more than trash.

She dose change her ways in the after an accident that happens to her during the killing game her and the other next gen kids take part in (soooooorrrrrry no spoilers XD)

As for this drawing, there just random drawings of this child XD
Mindi Togami Headshot (Danganronpa)
This drawing is tad on the old side but whatever I'm posting is anyway

Mindi Togami is the daughter of Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa, she is also their youngest child and only daughter.

Mindi is known for being a bit on the rude side and tends to treat the people around her poorly, this something she has done for the longest of times. Its not something she notices but then again she doesn't really care either. She could care less if people liked her or wanted her dead on all honesty.

Despite her tending to act like a snob and that she's part of the Togami family, Mindi is known as the ultimate or super high school level game designer. The fact that she designs video games or the fact that she's into video games, comes as a shock to people when they find out about that, people tend to expect her to be something more, grown up and less creative.

But anyway I hope you like drawing I made ^.^

It was made using copic markers, prismacolor pencils, and smooth Bristol paper
Hello guys thank you for all the kind words you've given me, I read everyone's messages that have been sent to me and I'd like to say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! It means a lot that you all Care so much about me, someone who isn't the most social on here but its still nice to know

Anyway as for updates, I'm coming and will be back to posting my work soon but, some things about what I post may change. I plan on showing love to all the fandom's I'm in instead of just one so you can expect a lot of different art coming form me in the future :)
Please don't tell me that I'm saying any of this in order to get potty form people or anything like that because I'm not.

I just can't take it anymore, I can't take the constant verbal and sometimes physical abuse from my family, I can't take being friendless and bullied all the time at school, and I just deal with my anxiety anymore.

No one really care if I was gone for good everyone would be so much more Happy if I wasn't here, thats what my family tell me, that's what they think. My peers at school tell me all the time that I'm annoying and nobody likes me so I'm always left alone. Nobody cares about me and thats, that.

My family tells me all the time that I'm not gonna do anything with my life, that I'm never gonna reach my dreams... And I really dont think I'm going to because I'm god awful at Evey fucking tjinkg I try to do.

I just can't take this grief anymore, I'm tired of being depressed that I actually woke up in the morning, I'm sick of praying that I just kill over in my sleep in order to make everyone around me finally happy. I'm sick and tired of having nervous break downs all the god dame time.

But no one cares about that

I'm just a meaningless spec of human trash. I'm talentless and ugly and I have a god awful personality.

I'm just done trying, I give up.

Thank you guys for sticking around for as long as you did, It really meant the world to me and just saying thank you doesn't describe how much your support has meant to me
*throws arms up in the air* well I've left single squad finally XD
The Queen of Despair (Danganronpa)
Meet and AU version of Mindi Togami the ultimate game designer where she's the mastermind of her own killing game, one where its parents vs children, children vs children, and parents vs parents, she doesn't Care who kills who as long as someone gets killed.

In this AU "The Queen of Despair" is actually caused because of a split personality disorder that Mindi isn't aware that she has. "The Queen of Despair" Doesn't go by the name Mindi Togami because to her Mindi Togami is nothing more than someone that shares the same body as her and is only allowed to come out when "The Queen of Despair" needs her to, (such as when she used Mindi to get her father Byakuya Togami alone so she could take control and kill him)

Anyway thats about all I'm gonna say about this AU ATM so let me talk a bit about the actual drawing. I tried some different things with the actual coloring of it such as using a blue tone underneath almost everything to try and give it a cooler tone. I'm kind of Happy with how it came out though I dont know how long that happyness will last XD

Well that about it so yeah XD
Queen Mindi Togami
Here's Mindi with her three loving older brothers who try their hardest to make her mad whenever they can lol XD

Oh well even if they tend yo bicker and what not they still love each other since they are siblings after all....

I'll talk more about them later, here's a bit of Mindi's bio

Full Name: Mindi Bayanna Togami

Nicknames: Princess, Min, Mindi-Chan

Age: 15

Birthday: April 12th

Height: 4'8

Weight: 94 lbs

+ Daughter of Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa

+ older brother Kichiro Togami (age 20)

+ older brother Masa Togami (age 19)

+ Older brother Akio Togami (age 18)

Likes: Chocolate (mainly French chocolate), tea, reading, chess, gaming, and computers

Dislikes: Spiders, lazy people that do nothing productive, germs, social interactions with most people, the color pink

Fears: Dark Rooms, storms, and being alone

Personally traits:

- Shy and timid: Mindi  is pretty anxious around unfamiliar people and chooses to stay more to herself rather than converse with them. When faced with social interactions with unfamiliar people she becomes pretty mute and never says much unless forced to. Her lack of good social skills leads people to believe she's some stuck up snob that thinks she's to good to talk to them.

- Untrusting: Due to events that happened when Mindi was around 10 she became untrusting of humans believing that they  would all hurt her in the end. She's close to her family yes, but anyone outside of them she has next to no trust for them and would rather they stay out of her way

- Cold: Mindi can be a bit cold towards people when talking (the few times she talks to them that is) in order to try and cover up her anxiety. This is another thing that makes people believe she's a bit of a snob

+ Helpful: Mindi wants to help those in need even if she has a hard time doing so at times. If you did ask her for assistance with anything she would try her best to give you her assistance (even though she seems on guard all the time)

+ Nerdy: One thing most people don't know about Mindi is that she's a huge anime, gaming, and book nerd since these are the things that occupies her free time.


Mindi was is the youngest child and only daughter in her family. She always had interests in many different hobbies and loved learning new things. She attend a high education school until the age of ten because of what her two "friends" that she'd had for the longest time did to her. Her two "friends" had never really been her friend and only used her for her smarts and money, but Mindi was to naive to to pick up on it. Her "friends" always picked on her and would hurt her feeling but she always hid the pain with a smile. One day her two "friends" got her to come down to the schools dark basement with them. It took a lot  to get her to go down there with them but once she agreed and followed them they pushed her down the steps and locked the basement door (it locked form the outside) behind them laughing as they left the girl whom they knew was scared of both the dark and being alone.

Mindi sat in the schools basement, legs and arms a bit bruised from her fall, as she cried in both fear and sorrow. How could the two people she trusted more than anyone in the world do this to her? Well they had found someone else with smarts to use and to them it was time to get rid of the old trash that they didn't like much to begin with.

Hours passed of Mindi sitting there alone in the dark as she cried and yelled for help after realizing the door was locked, but no one came to answer her until the end of the school day when a janitor came down to get some spare cleaning supplies, instead he was greeted with a frightened teary eyed girl.

Mindi returned home that afternoon still shaken up from the days events, still feeling the grief of her two friends betraying her. She told her parents about it and then begged to be homeschooled because she didn't want to go back to that school anymore, she didnt want to be betrayed again. From that day forward Mindi became shy and untrusting of people outside of her family because she didn't want to feel close to someone only to have them do something horrible to her. She enjoyed being homeschooled and felt as of she was learning than in an actual school.

It was shortly after she began doing game design and  found out she had a natural talent for it and enjoyed it
I haven't been posting since since Ive just been goofing off in my sketchbook but in getting my graphics monitor today so I'll start doing digital art XD

Thats also another reason why I haven't been doing actual finish works because I wanted to save my ideas for when I get my tablet ^.^

However I am very active on both my Instagram accounts so if you want to check them out go ahead

_azziran_arts_      is my main account and I tend to keep things more on the serious side ^.^

mindi_togami      Is my Danganronpa account and the account I'm most active on XD I only post my danganronpa art on there though


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Mindi Ackerman
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
welcome to the show mate!

Hello the names Mindi but you may call me shadow wolf or SW and I am an artist with three years of practice. I draw just about every day because practice makes perfect and I need a lot of practice.

Anyway, I guess I'm kind of a mixed media artist because I use my copic markers and prismacolor pencils together along with some gel pens, soft pastels, oil pastels, water color, and acrylic paint. Yeah I use a lot of crap when drawing XD

anyway if you have any questions feel free to ask me ^.^

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