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The Queen of Despair (Danganronpa) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 61 14 Mindi and Tami (Danganronpa) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 51 18 Queen Mindi Togami :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 66 8 Mindi Togami (danganronpa OC) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 68 8 No longer Human (gore practice) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 48 6 Ryue Evris (Copic and toned paper test) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 83 11 Lucifer :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 88 18 Mad professor :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 62 8
(Part 1) pokemon: a mission without memory
The icy winter wind whispered in hushed whistled tones as it blew across the snowy land causing the dusty snow that rested upon the ground to follow its direction, the white powdery dust filled up any and all tracks that scarred the white forest’s wonderland and made the job of two ragged looking houndoom a whole lot harder. The pair were on the hunt for their target whom escaped her caged prison and dashed into the thick forest kicking up snow in her wake only to vanish into the moonlit bushes and weeds of the thick forest that stood before them.
The larger houndoom with matted fur and a huge crusty looking pink scar that covered the top of his muzzle and reached all the way to his left pricing red eye placed his sensitive nose to the fluffy white snow that coated the ground and sniffed for his targets musty scent. “Dooom…” He spoke in a low toned growl just as the unmistakable scent hit his nose; she was still in the area and she was terrified that her hunters
:iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 8 0
Uncle Gabriel (The devil is a part-timer) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 49 9 Suzuno's trust issues (request) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 51 2 A professor and her dog :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 83 14 Ace the Sqautol :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 104 21 The daughter of Mitsuki sarue/Sariel :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 133 10 Mindi Sarue doodle (the devil is a part-timer) :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 49 4 Mindi Sarue: The archangel barista :iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 80 17


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The Queen of Despair (Danganronpa)
Meet and AU version of Mindi Togami the ultimate game designer where she's the mastermind of her own killing game, one where its parents vs children, children vs children, and parents vs parents, she doesn't Care who kills who as long as someone gets killed.

In this AU "The Queen of Despair" is actually caused because of a split personality disorder that Mindi isn't aware that she has. "The Queen of Despair" Doesn't go by the name Mindi Togami because to her Mindi Togami is nothing more than someone that shares the same body as her and is only allowed to come out when "The Queen of Despair" needs her to, (such as when she used Mindi to get her father Byakuya Togami alone so she could take control and kill him)

Anyway thats about all I'm gonna say about this AU ATM so let me talk a bit about the actual drawing. I tried some different things with the actual coloring of it such as using a blue tone underneath almost everything to try and give it a cooler tone. I'm kind of Happy with how it came out though I dont know how long that happyness will last XD

Well that about it so yeah XD
Queen Mindi Togami
Here's Mindi with her three loving older brothers who try their hardest to make her mad whenever they can lol XD

Oh well even if they tend yo bicker and what not they still love each other since they are siblings after all....

I'll talk more about them later, here's a bit of Mindi's bio

Full Name: Mindi Bayanna Togami

Nicknames: Princess, Min, Mindi-Chan

Age: 15

Birthday: April 12th

Height: 4'8

Weight: 94 lbs

+ Daughter of Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa

+ older brother Kichiro Togami (age 20)

+ older brother Masa Togami (age 19)

+ Older brother Akio Togami (age 18)

Likes: Chocolate (mainly French chocolate), tea, reading, chess, gaming, and computers

Dislikes: Spiders, lazy people that do nothing productive, germs, social interactions with most people, the color pink

Fears: Dark Rooms, storms, and being alone

Personally traits:

- Shy and timid: Mindi  is pretty anxious around unfamiliar people and chooses to stay more to herself rather than converse with them. When faced with social interactions with unfamiliar people she becomes pretty mute and never says much unless forced to. Her lack of good social skills leads people to believe she's some stuck up snob that thinks she's to good to talk to them.

- Untrusting: Due to events that happened when Mindi was around 10 she became untrusting of humans believing that they  would all hurt her in the end. She's close to her family yes, but anyone outside of them she has next to no trust for them and would rather they stay out of her way

- Cold: Mindi can be a bit cold towards people when talking (the few times she talks to them that is) in order to try and cover up her anxiety. This is another thing that makes people believe she's a bit of a snob

+ Helpful: Mindi wants to help those in need even if she has a hard time doing so at times. If you did ask her for assistance with anything she would try her best to give you her assistance (even though she seems on guard all the time)

+ Nerdy: One thing most people don't know about Mindi is that she's a huge anime, gaming, and book nerd since these are the things that occupies her free time.


Mindi was is the youngest child and only daughter in her family. She always had interests in many different hobbies and loved learning new things. She attend a high education school until the age of ten because of what her two "friends" that she'd had for the longest time did to her. Her two "friends" had never really been her friend and only used her for her smarts and money, but Mindi was to naive to to pick up on it. Her "friends" always picked on her and would hurt her feeling but she always hid the pain with a smile. One day her two "friends" got her to come down to the schools dark basement with them. It took a lot  to get her to go down there with them but once she agreed and followed them they pushed her down the steps and locked the basement door (it locked form the outside) behind them laughing as they left the girl whom they knew was scared of both the dark and being alone.

Mindi sat in the schools basement, legs and arms a bit bruised from her fall, as she cried in both fear and sorrow. How could the two people she trusted more than anyone in the world do this to her? Well they had found someone else with smarts to use and to them it was time to get rid of the old trash that they didn't like much to begin with.

Hours passed of Mindi sitting there alone in the dark as she cried and yelled for help after realizing the door was locked, but no one came to answer her until the end of the school day when a janitor came down to get some spare cleaning supplies, instead he was greeted with a frightened teary eyed girl.

Mindi returned home that afternoon still shaken up from the days events, still feeling the grief of her two friends betraying her. She told her parents about it and then begged to be homeschooled because she didn't want to go back to that school anymore, she didnt want to be betrayed again. From that day forward Mindi became shy and untrusting of people outside of her family because she didn't want to feel close to someone only to have them do something horrible to her. She enjoyed being homeschooled and felt as of she was learning than in an actual school.

It was shortly after she began doing game design and  found out she had a natural talent for it and enjoyed it
Thanks for all the support guys, where almost at 3k watchers and I want to do something special when we hit that number but I dont know what

Any ideas?
Mindi Togami (danganronpa OC)
You all have my good friend TeamEmoKid to thank for the creation of this OC XD

Anyways I'm still working on her bio and what not so things will probably change (really thinking about changing the outfit) but here's some facts about her and what not

+ Daughter of Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa

+ older brother Kichiro Togami (age 20)

+ older brother Masa Togami (age 19)

+ Older brother Akio Togami (age 18)

+ ultimate game designer

+ she's 15 years old

+ born April 12th

+ doesn't get along well with Akio

+ has a fear of blood

+ is spoiled

+ is a deep sleeper

+ has cat Named Jax

+ looses her glasses a lot

+ doesn't really try to make friends

+ is a book worm

No longer Human (gore practice)
I feel bad for Mindi-Jameson because she always ends up involved in my more darker story lines for some reason or another

Anyway basically this is a more screwed up version of what happens to Mindi when she ends up getting used a test subject for team rocket and what not. I really want to talk more about that but I plan yo wait until I release my new\old OC Alice who is Mindi's want and the sole reason behind most of the things that happen to her in her story.

Also o got pretty lazy with this piece I'll admit but whatever the main reason for it was to practice blood detail and what not XD
Mad professor
"How would you like to be my next teat subject love?" The lavender hair girl laughed madly while holding the needle between her two fingers. "Maybe you'll last longer than my other test subject!"

So basically this drawing takes place in an AU where miss Mindi-Jameson is more murderous when she loses her mind rather than being the lovable nut job she is in her own universe XD oh well you know what they say, when the child turns out bad blame the parents :)
The icy winter wind whispered in hushed whistled tones as it blew across the snowy land causing the dusty snow that rested upon the ground to follow its direction, the white powdery dust filled up any and all tracks that scarred the white forest’s wonderland and made the job of two ragged looking houndoom a whole lot harder. The pair were on the hunt for their target whom escaped her caged prison and dashed into the thick forest kicking up snow in her wake only to vanish into the moonlit bushes and weeds of the thick forest that stood before them.

The larger houndoom with matted fur and a huge crusty looking pink scar that covered the top of his muzzle and reached all the way to his left pricing red eye placed his sensitive nose to the fluffy white snow that coated the ground and sniffed for his targets musty scent. “Dooom…” He spoke in a low toned growl just as the unmistakable scent hit his nose; she was still in the area and she was terrified that her hunters where on her trail.

The houndoom’s partner was much smaller in size and clearly younger and less experienced, however it was clear he was just as powerful and trained to hunt down other Pokemon to the death if needed. “DOOOOMMM!” The younger houndoom howled out while darting into the direction of his targets scent, his paws hit the icy cold ground quickly leaving a trail of paw prints behind. He didn't care about sneaking up on her, he'd much rather her run and to chase her like she was a rabbit trying to escape being a meal and he was the fox who would snap her neck one she was caught.

“Grah!” The older houndoom spat out like acid at his partner who had most likely scared off their target with all of his unnecessary racket. Their target clearly had human intelligence there was no doubt about that since she had the ability to speak human and break out of her cage so this was something that the houndoom where more than aware of and had to take caution to if they were going to be successful in catching this rare find for their bounty hunter trainers. The older houndoom quickly followed his hunting partner into the forest avoiding all the shrubs, stray branches, stumps, weeds, and fallen trees that lingered upon the snowy landscape as he ran.

The pair moved gracefully through the landscape, they never stumbled behind one another nor did they allow their obstacles to stop them. This wasn't their first forest chase and their swift movements where all the evidence anyone would need to see that. They were partners and their paw moments and steady breathing where in perfect sync with one another as they continued their run, as they reached the cliff edge where their small fluffy target stood with her head hung low while panting, trying to catch her breath.

The creature seemed to be a tiny canine like creature of some kind with a long slender tail, crimson wings two small to fly with, and large ears with crimson tips. She had a silky dark gray pelt that shimmered in the light of the full moon and fluffy crimson fur around her neck, just above her three toed paws, and a fluffy tuft at the tip of her tail. The tiny creature turned her crimson gave towards the pair of houndoom who had found her and she immediately froze up with pure fear.

“S- stay back!” She growled in her soft melodic voice, “if you don't stay back I'll be forced to fight you and I don't believe that this encounter is in need of violence.”

The houndoom however didn't care about her words, her fear filled threat, they just bared their yellowed saliva covered fangs and got I to an attack position. These two beast  were more than ready to bring down this odd fluffy canine Pokémon. The younger houndoom made his attack first and dashed towards his target, knocking her off her paws and into the icy snow that that stood beneath their paws. He began to bite and bark at her, saliva flying from his muzzle and landing into her pelt, which was now caked with snow, but she tried hard to hold him back with her tiny paws.

The target Pokémon quickly gathered her strength and kicked the houndoom off of her. She folded her ears back and bared her pearly white  fangs before launching an attack of her own at dazed houndoom while he was trying to get off from his back and onto his cold paws. The small canine began slashing her blade like claws at the houndoom while he was down slicing deep into his thick meaty flesh. The houndoom’s blood seeped out from his new wounds and stained the white snow diffrent shades of crimson before he finally forced himself to his paws.

The houndoom quickly opened his jaws wide and tried to lock eyes with the pokemon that was slashing her claws a him, the pokemon who wasn't about to hold back on her attacker, and unleashed a powerful flamethrower attack that hit the creature head on. “GHA!” She hissed out in pain as the flames singed her fur and burned her flesh. After the flames wrath ended the canine pokemon stood there dazed, confused and injured badly, this was the houndoom’s chance to strike back.

Without hesitation he bolted at the small canine again this time knocking both her and himself off the cliff edge and towards the deadly rushing water below them that crashed against the large rocks that littered the river. The houndoom and the canine both looked down knowing that both of their fates where going to sealed in this river, knowing that this was the end of life as they knew it and there was no hope for them.

   As they tumbled in the air, freely falling, they kept their eyes locked with each other. The houndoom opened his mouth once again to try and land one final attack but there was no time t do that.

Water splashed around the pair mixed with crimson red blood and a last wail of pain whimper of pain.

The small canine Pokémon was being dragged under the frigid water of the river but she was alive somehow. She wished she could say the same for the houndoom that hit one of the large rocks head first; she only saw him for a few moments, she saw the second his skull hit the rock and she heard his final cry. His lifeless body most likely still; rested upon the rock waiting to be found by his partner that was most likely going to cause her a bloody death as revenge for his partner's demise.

The creature tried to push that image out of he mind as she fought against the river's grasp on her. She couldn't die here, no she still had to find out what was going on and why she was here to begin with. She pushed her paws against the water until her head emerged from the water's depths, only for a few moments though because that seemed to make the river angry with her and it pushed her back into it's frigid depths filling her mouth and nose with its foul tasting liquid.

She contained to fight, she wasn't going to lose to this evil current that wanted her dead. Her paws pushed harder and harder and she grew more and more exhausted the longer she fought this battle that never seemed to end. As her head peeked above the water again and again she caught a glimpse of something, a long brown log that floated in the current. A smile formed across her exhausted looking face at the sight of it and spring of hope formed within her, she was saved. She pushed herself towards the log, her tired paws pulled her soaked pelt  onto it once she was close enough, and she began to ride it to who knows where.    

She folded her ears back as she held onto the log and she began to sink into her own thoughts. This canine pokemon wasn’t a normal pokemon at all, she was a human girl from the future brought here to complete a mission, the only downside is she has no memory of anything else, well besides her name that is and her name was simply ‘Mindi’.

Mindi had only been here for the past few hours and she had already gotten herself in  a ton of trouble. She had woken up to a light snowfall that began to cover the ground and was quickly found by two overweight men who were Pokemon hunters, they caught and caged her but she was able to get out about two hours after being caught and made a run for it. The hunters sent out their houndoom to hunt her down and well, now she was here in the the icy water lost and alone.

She knew almost nothing about this world she was in other than a few things that rested fuzzily in her scrambled mind and the things she was learning wasn't good. She had to keep away from the humans while in this form because they would hurt her and cage her again if they did. She also knew that she had to find her purpose for being here and that she had to find some answers as to who she really was.

Mindi closed her sleepy eyed as she allowed her tense, sore, body to rest upon the log she called a safe heaven and allowed it to bring her to someplace new.
(Part 1) pokemon: a mission without memory
The beginning a the story about an odd canine like Pokémon sent to the past to preform a mission for her unknown sender.

Mindi was a human in her own time period, at least from what she can remember anyway, and was thrown into the past by a person or Pokémon for some mission. The girl in her new Pokémon form meets up with a trio known as Jessie, James, and Meowth but she can't shake the feeling that she knows them, or someone that looks like them that is. She follows them around however little dose the trio know that their involvement with this canine like Pokémon will lead them into far more trouble than they could of bargained for.
Uncle Gabriel (The devil is a part-timer)
Here's my OC Mindi Sarue (the daughter of Mitsuki Sarue\Sariel) liking Gabriel more than her father Mitsuki making him Jelty (jelly and salty together)

Gabriel isn't her real uncle though, she just called him her uncle when she was kiddo

Mindi: forward uncle Gabriel!

Gabriel: Mkay

Sariel: She likes him more than me....

Lucifer: naw.....
Suzuno's trust issues (request)
XD my poor the devil is a part-timer OC Mindi Sarue or Sirella looks so Happy, oh well I guess

Anyway my cousin wanted me to draw this so if ya can't read it I'll put what it says here :)

Suzuno: Since when did you have a daughter Sariel!? No matter I do not trust you to take Care of her by yourself. Considering your womanizing ways this poor girl will be exposed to far to much by remaining in you're Care. If anything happens to this her I will take her from you and raise her as my own and end you, so consider this a warning. Also how come you don't know who her mother is!? That is going to cause her so much heartache you know?

Sariel: okay, okay, I get it!! I only asked you to watch my daughter while in was at work not lecture me about my life choices
A professor and her dog
Eeeep adult Mindi-Jameson and an evolved Growlie XD they grow up so faaaast

But anyway let me talk about adult Mindi-Jameson and who she is in general

First of all Mindi-Jameson or Mindi is the daughter of Jessie and James and she was a cinnamon roll child with a secret gift that allows her to turn into a Pokemon known as a Lugat however she was captured by team rocket when they found out about her gift and wanted to force her into her Pokemon form and then turn her into a weapon.

The constant use of chemicals and other things used on her to try and force her to become her Pokemon form really messed up her brain causing her to become a "the nut job processor", as the people that work under her call her behind her back, and become utterly scary.

She bounces between all her emotions, talks to herself, sings her words, spins around a lot, claims to see things that aren't there, and she avoids all safety rules when doing her job as lead Pokemon professor. She's a tested genius no doubt about that but that still doesn't change the fact she's messed up in the head.

Mind I is still kind and caring beneath her own insanity and her love for Pokemon still remains there.
The daughter of Mitsuki sarue/Sariel
I'm kind of Happy how this drawing of my the devil is a part-timer OC came out, anyway here's a better bio for her XD

Human name: Mindi Sarue

Real name: Seriella

Species: Half human half angel

Looks in human form: Mindi is a very short japanese girl with long blue hair and light purple eyes. She wears a long sleeve gray and black sweat shirt, dark blue jeans, black combat boots

Looks angel form: she still looks how she just in her human form however she wears a long white dress, leaf crown, and sliver bands around her wrists, and she has fluffy white wings.

Powers: her wings get larger the closer she is to the moonlight and she also becomes faster the closer she is the moon light. She can also summon her weapon which is a large scythe when she has enough magic to do so.

Ocupaition: highschool student and part-timer at a local moombucks.

Family: Mitsuki Sarue\Sariel (father) Adrianna (mother) Mark Sarue\Seril (twin brother) Nathan (older half brother on her mother's side) kito (her pet Husky that's also a hell hound)

Personality traits:

Antisocial- she has a bit of a problem when it comes to conversing with other people, she's pretty shy but her shyness comes off as bitchy some times.

Short tempered- She has a pretty short temper and has been known to go off for simple little things at times. Her temper is what gets her into trouble most of the time because she can't really control it.

Good hearted- Mindi may seem uncaring but she dose have a heart deep down and is pretty forgiving even if she may snap at people. She also worries about her friends if there in any sort of rough situation and will do anything yo help them.

Loyal: Mindi is loyal to those she puts her own trust into (which isn't many people) She stands by people through thick and thin

Disabilities: Mindi has pretty sensitive eyes and can't really stand being out in the direct sunlight without wearing her sunglasses.

Backstory: Mindi was ditched by a woman who anyone could only guess was her real mother when she was three months old. The woman brought the young girl to her father, the archangel Sariel, and left her with him. Sariel wasn't ready for the job of being a father to a child and honestly had no idea how take care of a three month old and couldn't deny the child because 1. She was clearly his since she looked just like and 2. She had just been ditched by her mother so she didn't need to be ditched again. Sariel decided to raise her as a normal human girl since he didn't know if she inherited his angel powers or not, so as Mindi grew up she knew Sariel by his human name Mitsuki Sarue and she knew him as the manager of the nearby SFC. Sariel was in no way the perfect father but he tried to do his best for the girl.

Mindi went to school with human kids and eventually worked alongside them when she turned sixteen and got s part time job at a local moonbucks. Her life was pretty simple to say the least even if she was a 'half orphan' as she called herself living with her womanizing father; to bad her "normal" life that she grew so used to would all change the day a boy that looked just like her walked into the coffee place because this boy knew a lot about her and also held some secrets about her mother and who she really was.

These facts alone are what changed her life in a matter moments
Here's another Question and answer thing XD feel free to ask me anything related to art and my OCs or just me the artist
Mindi Sarue doodle (the devil is a part-timer)
GHA my next gen OC for the devil is a part-timer has a creeper face XD..... She's been around her dad to long I guess lol

I was listing to a song called overrated (everything is) by less than Jake I believe because its her theme song XD I mean these lyrics tho

"I think sex is overrated, so is always getting wasted, designer drugs and dead end jobs and classic rock is so out dated, all my friends and family they make my life so complicated, I'm so sick of therapy and all the things its done to me"

Its just reminds of her because she dose her own thing in life and crap instead of following what's popular

Anyway for those knew here this is Mindi Sarue the daughter of Mitsuki Sarue \ Sariel
Mindi Sarue: The archangel barista
I drew my The Devi Is a part-timer OC again yay XD I've also kind of remade her as well (did I even post her original bio?)

Name: Mindi Sarue

Nickname: Serialla (only called this by other angels but it pisses her off so... XD)

Species: Half angel Half human

Age: 16

Birthday: Unknown

Family: father: Mitsuki sarue /Sariel mother: unknown

Looks: She the spitting image of her father in the looks department, her clothing mainly consists of a black and gray striped sweat shirt, dark blue jeans, black combat books, and a pair of sunglasses that she only wears when going when the sun is out.

Personality: Mindi can be pretty uncaring and cold about things at times but deep down she has a heart and it shows because of how much she worries abouts her few friends when danger faces them

Job: Part-time barista at a local Moonbucks and a highschool student

Disabilities: Mindi has pretty sensitive eyes and can't really stand being out in the direct sunlight without wearing her sunglasses

Back story: Mindi was pretty much ditched by her mother when she was three months old, her mother brought the young girl to the archangels known
Sariel and left her with him. Sariel had no idea who the woman was since she wore a hood that hid her face and he had been with more than one woman at the time however the one thing he did know was this child was his and he had to take care of her.

So Mindi was raised as a normal human girl since there was no sign of her actually being an angel. She didn't know that her father was an archangel known as Sariel she knew him as Mitsuki Sarue the manger of the local SFC. She went to school and even got a job shortly after turning sixteen.

Of course she would love to know who her mother is but she honestly believes that question will never be answered.
Pokemon Mindi
"You tell me I'm part of some huge density, I just wish there was another path to take...."

Name: Mindi

Species: Lugat (Lu-Gah-t)

Type: Fire\dark

Age: Unknown

Birth date: Unknown

Hometown: Unknown

Family: Unknown

Trainer: James

Friends: Jessie Meowth, Riley, Jeremiah

Enemy: Kelix

Story: Mindi was awoken from her comatose sate by two large men that yanked the tiny Lugat from the patch of ground she rested upon. The girl was thrown into a cage by these two however since they forgot to lock it she made her escape only to be chased by their two ragged looking houndoom. Her only escape was to leap off the edge of the cliff the cornered her upon and land into the icy cold water below where she'd wash up on a rivers shore and be found by a lavender haired man known as James whom she only trusted because of how familiar he seemed to her

You see Mindi is a human form the future who was turned into a Pokémon to fulfill some density she knows nothing about however, whoever brought her to the past also stripped her of her human memories other than the fact that her name is Mindi and she's well a human. She knows nothing about her past life of why she even turned into a Pokémon, but she'll do whatever she can to find out why or what's going on.

Personality traits: Brave, cold hearted, secretive, she worries a lot, short tempered
Here's another Question and answer thing XD feel free to ask me anything related to art and my OCs or just me the artist


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Mindi Ackerman
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United States
welcome to the show mate!

Hello the names Mindi but you may call me shadow wolf or SW and I am an artist with three years of practice. I draw just about every day because practice makes perfect and I need a lot of practice.

Anyway, I guess I'm kind of a mixed media artist because I use my copic markers and prismacolor pencils together along with some gel pens, soft pastels, oil pastels, water color, and acrylic paint. Yeah I use a lot of crap when drawing XD

anyway if you have any questions feel free to ask me ^.^

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